• Uplifting Defence Hand Mist

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Hand Cleanser with Style and Scent

Highly effective defence with a fresh invigorating scent; all captured in a desirable, dark green bottle.

As a hand mist, Uplifting Defence is effortless and satisfying to apply; is invisible with a dry finish and gives maximum enjoyment of our uplifting blend of pure essential oils.

"Such a refreshing change from a clinical hand gel! The mist is really simple to apply. It feels light and luxurious and the scent reminds me of a spa"

- Jen

"The bottle is trendy and it spruces up my sink area. I like nice things around my home and this looks very chic"

- Jonathan

"Aromatizer leaves my hands feeling really soft. When I use my Hand Mist it feels like a special treat just for me. I absolutely adore the scent"

- Grace

Explore our Elements

Defend, Protect, Cleanse and Uplift

70% Alcohol

Defend with our pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol at a 70% concentration. Highly effective at killing bacteria, quick drying and leaves no unpleasant traces.

100% Vegan Glycerine

We use 100% vegan glycerine in our Hand Mist to protect. This adds moisture to your hands and helps to soothe your skin.

Glycerine also promotes the effectiveness of killing bacteria by slowing down the evaporation of alcohol and helping to spread and carry the alcohol around your hands.

Natural Witch Hazel

Our Hand Mist incorporates witch hazel extracts to naturally cleanse and help to ward off infection. It has soothing benefits too like helping to reduce inflammation and skin irritation.

Pure Essential Oil Blend

Our Hand Mist is enjoyable to use and that's because it contains a blend of uplifting pure essential oils.

A fresh invigorating scent of Lemongrass and May Chang for your hands and soul.

Lemon notes carefully balanced with spicy undertones.

Our Story

Having frequent uplifting moments everyday contributes to our wellbeing

We have created an alternative to hand sanitizer gel that not only protects you but is a pleasure to use too.

We believe that frequent uplifting moments throughout the day contributes to our wellbeing and this was the inspiration to create the Aromatizer brand.

Uplifting Defence is a carefully considered blend of alcohol, moisturiser, witch hazel and essential oils all combined to defend, protect, cleanse and uplift.

As a hand mist, Uplifting Defence is effortless and satisfying to apply, is invisible with a dry finish and gives maximum enjoyment of our invigorating blend of pure essential oils.

You will find our signature recipe contained in an enticing dark green bottle, eye-catching and easy to use whether you are at home or out and about.

We have boosted hand defence because we want you to enjoy using it.