Our Story

Having frequent uplifting moments throughout the day contributes to wellbeing

We have created an alternative to hand sanitizer gel that not only protects you but is a pleasure to use too.

We believe that frequent uplifting moments throughout the day contributes to our wellbeing and this was the inspiration to create the Aromatizer brand.

Uplifting Defence is a carefully considered blend of alcohol, moisturiser, witch hazel and essential oils all combined to defend, protect, cleanse and uplift.

As a hand mist, Uplifting Defence is effortless and satisfying to apply, is invisible with a dry finish and gives maximum enjoyment of our invigorating blend of pure essential oils.

You will find our signature recipe contained in an enticing dark green bottle, eye-catching and easy to use whether you are at home or out and about.

We have given hand defence a boost because we want you to enjoy using it.

Be Safe, Be Stylish, Be Uplifted