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Powered by plants, our vegan cleansing mist touches your hands and soul.

We have scented our hand mist with pure essential oils which include Lemongrass and May Chang.

A compound in Lemongrass is thought to release serotonin which can help regulate your mood naturally and may make you feel happier, calmer, less stressed and more focused.

Our blend also includes May Chang which is often referred to as the oil of tranquility.

Aromatizer is a well considered blend to Defend, Protect, Cleanse and Uplift.


Defend with our pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol at a 70% concentration. Highly effective at killing bacteria, quick drying and leaves no unpleasant traces.


We use 100% vegan glycerine in our Hand Mist to protect. This adds moisture to your hands and helps to soothe your skin.

Glycerine also promotes the effectiveness of killing bacteria by slowing down the evaporation of alcohol and helping to spread and carry the alcohol around your hands.


Our hand mist incorporates witch hazel extracts to naturally cleanse and help to ward off infection. It has soothing benefits too like helping to reduce inflammation and skin irritation.


Our Hand Mist is enjoyable to use and that's because it contains a blend of uplifting pure essential oils.

A fresh invigorating scent of Lemongrass and May Chang for your hands and soul.

Lemon notes carefully balanced with spicy undertones.